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HSS-DEY Cold Storage High Speed Sliding Door

High speed, high thermal insulation, anti-collision, maintenance free, to solve the traditional two doors can not solve the problem, and it is the most optimal cold storage door solution in the market.

Technical description:

    ●The door size:

    Minimum size W3000/H5600

    Maximum size W4000/H5300

    ●Door opening/closing speed:

    The maximum opening speed is 2.5m/s

    ●R value:

    The thickness of door plate is 100mm, R value is 17 / the thickness of door plate is 150mm, R value is 25

    ●Door plate material:

    The third generation of waterproof and thermoplastic core material, fda-approved food grade thermoplastic door shell

    ●Door panel style:

    Single door, double door

    ●Installation location:

    Inside and outside the cold storage

    ●Open configuration (optional) :

    Remote control/three button/geomagnetic/radar/pull cord switch

    ●Service life:

    More than 2 million

    ●Operating environment temperature:

    -25℃ ~ 15℃

Product features:

The opening speed can reach 2.5m/s, which greatly reduces the opening time and the convection of hot and cold air compared with other cold storage doors, realizes minimum energy loss and effectively improves work efficiency.

The flexible door panel design can resist the impact of strong external force and realize automatic reset afterwards. It is maintenance-free and durable.

The unique sealing device between the door panel and the opening and the adjustable sealing design at the bottom of the door can ensure high sealing performance surrounding the door body and satisfy the strict cold storage application environment.

Typical application industries:

food, medicine, cold storage, etc., with the single door used for low-temperature cold storage.

Company vision:

We are committed to becoming the first-class gateway intelligent solution provider in China.

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