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According to the industry characteristics of different customers, scientific logistics design theory research and solid practical experience accumulation, according to the future use of the building, aesthetic characteristics, combined with the flow of people, internal and external traffic environment and other parameters, fastlink will select products and configuration matching the building for customers, and seek the best balance point in terms of cost and performance, so as to realize the system design of parking area optimization of calculation.

  • Comprehensive third party logistics
  • Automobile industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • Food and medicine industry
  • Retail logistics industry
  • E-commerce industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Low temperature working environment


Loading and unloading area planning

The modern logistics loading and unloading system is applicable to the production and storage logistics environment with frequent vehicle traffic and loading and unloading of goods. The design of loading and unloading system is an important part of the whole warehouse process design, mainly including loading and unloading platform, industrial sliding door, door cover and related auxiliary equipment and control system. The reasonable selection and coordinated use of these equipment determine the efficiency of the whole process of loading and unloading goods, and at the same time ensure the maximum safety in operation, reduce the accidents in the process of loading and unloading goods.

Through the reasonable planning and system configuration of the loading and unloading system, it is bound to:

Reduce the use of loading and unloading operators and forklifts, and reduce the operating cost
Greatly shorten the time of vehicle loading and unloading and waiting, improve the working efficiency, and the maximum is more than 50%
Greatly improved the safety of staff and goods
Improve the corporate image as a whole

in order to plan and configure your logistics loading and unloading area more reasonably, you need to consider the following issues when planning:

Selection of platform loading and unloading area location, plant traffic flow direction and design of platform peripheral area;
How to arrange the plane layout of your loading area;
How to determine the number of loading and unloading platforms according to the space benefits of your loading and unloading area and the safety issues of vehicle access;
How to determine the height, width and length of platform;
How to select the length, width, load capacity, power system and environmental adaptability of loading platform;
In order to achieve better sealing effect, it is necessary to select the door cover or door seal, the selected form and specific specification;
How to design the size of the door opening in the loading area, and the selection and configuration of the unloading position door;
How to configure auxiliary accessories such as freight car lock, cargo position light, reversing guide rail, anti-collision glue, red and green warning light to make the loading and unloading area safer;
How to calculate the ROI of your logistics loading and unloading area so that your investment becomes the source of profit.