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Sales Service

In the project planning stage, we deeply study the customer's individual use requirements, and make the loading platform and door plan for the customer. We will discuss your reasonable use, product maintenance and other special requirements with you, and make a complete plan to ensure the project is correct and feasible. We have a lot of experience in working with general contractors, design institutes and consultants.
We have established a file for each customer, including the evolution of the design scheme, the final scheme and equipment work progress plan, installation memorandum and all communication records between relevant units. Our engineers and technicians will visit the site during the construction period to find out the possible problems in time. In terms of delivery, Fastlink's computer system allows you to check the status and location of the goods at any time.

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Installation Service

We have professional installation engineers to provide you with comprehensive and thoughtful installation services.

Early stage:

1. Our Sales Engineer shall provide standard civil construction drawings according to the specifications, and specially assist you in the correct construction of the wharf and door opening.
2. 10 days before the installation of the product, the installation engineer will survey the hoistway, fill in the civil engineering survey form for unloading platform and civil engineering survey form for industrial gate, and inform you to make preliminary rectification in time to ensure the progress of the project.
3. Prepare personalized construction scheme for each installation project, make quality plan according to "quick connect installation quality assurance system", define quality control points and prepare construction operation plan.


1. Our project engineer in the project will communicate effectively with you on relevant matters and make detailed records to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
2. The installation engineer shall inform the company in written form of the progress and problems of the installation project on a regular basis, and the company shall guide the site work according to the reflected situation at the first time to ensure your normal project progress.
3. The installation engineer shall regularly fill in the platform process record and record the construction log to clearly record the daily situation of platform installation.

Later stage:

1. After the platform and door pass the acceptance, we will send professional cleaning personnel to do a good job of cleaning. The installation engineer shall check the paint, circuit and operation conditions.

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Maintenance and After-Sales Service

Fastlink's after-sales service can not only ensure that your daily use of products without worry, but also make long-term consideration for your product use. Provide 24-hour service hotline for you, and truly realize zero distance service. The company provides professional training for product operators so that they can use our products correctly and remove common faults in time. At the same time, there are many other professional services for you to choose from. Fast link has a sound and perfect technical service system and inspection system, and a professional maintenance engineer to guide and supervise your project on site, so as to avoid your worries about the maintenance of similar products.
1. When the installation engineer hands over the products to the maintenance engineer, the maintenance engineer shall immediately conduct systematic and comprehensive inspection on the products and strictly review the installation quality.
2. We strictly implement the safety operation procedures, abide by the safety management system, and the maintenance engineers regularly conduct safety induction education, operation skills, safety, service interests and other training for maintenance personnel. First, we scientifically standardize the maintenance work process, improve efficiency and ensure the maintenance quality in the future.
3. The maintenance engineer shall fill in the repair and maintenance cycle form regularly, and make clear the product repair and complaint calls like you. After receiving the repair calls, the maintenance engineer shall rush to the site immediately, and the local products shall be eliminated within 12 hours, and the maximum time for non local products shall not exceed 2 days.
4. Always provide the return visit service twice a year for the products, understand your needs in time, and provide better and more suitable service items.
5. The maintenance engineer always insists on satisfying users, dealing with users' opinions quickly and effectively, and solving problems for users with warm and effective service attitude.

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Project Modification

Due to the customer's own planning problems when purchasing, resulting in defects in the use of products, express link will provide you with the most perfect solution, while minimizing the use of customers' original products to reduce customer losses.